Offers and Discount Policy

INTRODUCTION This policy explains the usage of Offers and Discount available in website. This can be with the usage of various Coupons, Sales Off etc.
  1. Based on time and Occasions our website offer different promotional codes and Sales Percentages, which varies based on each Offer.
  2. Any promotional Codes and Sales Percentage Off is only valid through Website purchase.
  3. Certain Promotions are valid only for certain Collections.
Thank You Offer
  1. This Offer is valid for all Second time Purchase for all customers.
  2. For this offer to be valid, the customers needs to use the same email id, which was being used to purchase their first Order.
  3. This Coupon can only be used for one time.
  4. And this Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other Coupons or Offers.
  5. This Coupon is currently valid for any products from the Tennis Bracelet Collection, Zodiac Collection, Love Collection, and selected products from Diana and Diamond Rings.